Hualien Wow Hostel provides not only accommodation

but also a communicative space.

The hostel owner executes his travel experiences

and passion for nature, creating a hostel of

“Ecology, Consideration, and Warmth.”

All design from the public area to the room interior are created with industrial fashion and environmental friendliness.

We believe travelers with an eye for design

would fall in love with this place.

Sharing 、 interacting 、 pleasing lobby

Wow has a multi- function spacious lobby where travelers have fine dining 、writing 、reading  and chatting .Also for closing to Hualien, Wow holds some activities regularly.

Sometimes we have a film,of course, watching games with  beer is more fun!

Breakfast buffet

Say Hallo to Hualien!

We offer eggs、cheese、ham、toast 、bun and fruitwhich guests can help yourselves,

From a.m.7 to a.m. 10 every morning .Kitchen is also available . 


WOW Hualien

Outdoor balcony can make you know more about Hualien.

All you can do is hanging around with friends 、reading 、space-out in the daze chair.

Check it out ! Hualien

WOW TRIPis located on the 1 floor that offers all kinds of information including 


We also help travelers book tour and arrange trip. 

Forest bath

We insist in making environment friendly, so the waterfall plants occupied  1 and 2 floor which designing and planting by WOW. Themarble is surrounded by  fresh green and water sprouts from top every each hour and creates fresh air.

Stay in the lobby like walking in the forest……

Reading corner

Listen to your voice……

If you travel alone or just enjoy be alone, find somewhere and pick up a book

Turn on the lamp and turn off your mind…… 


Send a Post card

Turning your touching into words to mail to your friends  or future you .

Post card and the old mail box just the way we  express the feeling!

Floor-to-Ceiling  Windows

Have a slothful  living 
Revealing the surroundings, floor-to-ceiling windows induce  an outdoor feel and capture delicate views.

Sip a cup of coffee elegantly before saying goodbye.

When you leave  , memories would be stayed ……

The window frame is full of memories of  coworkers. However, it keeps unforgettable experience from travelers